#009: Joshua Davidson. Founder and CEO of Chop Dawg Studios

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Joshua Davidson is the founder and CEO of Chop Dawg Studios. Chop Dawg is sort of a hybrid between a development shop and an incubator or accelerator. Joshua started Chop Dawg 5 years ago after noticing that for every technical individual with a technical idea, there are 10 non-technical individuals with great technical ideas. Chop Dawg provides these individuals with … Read More

How to Network Better

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Even though there are like, 5,000 articles online providing advice on how to network effectively, some people still manage to really suck at it.   If you’ve taken the time to register, dress to impress, and drive to an event with the hopes to make some new contacts, it’s important to remember that it’s not about you. It’s about everyone … Read More