5 Reasons You Should Quit Being in A Band

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Over the past 15 years, I have dedicated my life to music and helping musicians to become more educated and self sufficient. I started off like you; a local musician in a local band playing the local scene. When I finally found a stable band to play with, I was 21 and the other guys (who were phenomenal musicians who … Read More

How to Get 500 Twitter Followers

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So everyday (and night) I’m online reading, researching, or just goofing around and constantly I see ads for “Get 10,000 followers today”, “How to get 1 million likes on Facebook”, “Turn your twitter into thousands of dollars”, etc. I’ll admit it, I’ve looked into a lot of these “tips and secrets”, and I’ve come to one concrete conclusion: getting 10,000 … Read More

3 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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1. Inconsistent Branding I see it far too often; a company has a nice website with a nice logo, color scheme,etc. Then you go to their facebook, twitter, pinterest, or other social sites, and the colors are different, their logo is not present, and their slogan or catch phrase are nowhere to be found. You want your customers to become … Read More

I’m Not Lucky. I’m Fortunate.

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“I’m not lucky. I’m fortunate.” I adopted this life slogan when I was just a teenager. My brothers and I were fortunate to have a father who busted his butt his whole life so his kids could have a better life than he did. We weren’t rich and certainly not spoiled, but we always had nice Christmases and never had … Read More

5 Ways to Make Everyday Better

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1. Smile Always This one gets credited to my beautiful wife. She lives her life by it. If you smile always, then you always have a reason to smile. Smiling is contagious. “When you smile, the whole world smiles with you.” – Louis Armstrong 2. Focus on Your Dream Wake up each morning and instead of focusing on how tired you … Read More