#018: Lilly Longshore – Writer, Speaker, and Advocate for the Physically Disabled and Visually Impaired

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Lilly LongshoreLilly Longshore is an author and world traveler with a unique life story. In 2002, Lilly became a quadriplegic and doctors said she would be paralyzed from her shoulders down for the rest of her life. She kept a positive outlook on life and refused to give up and has then since regained an incredible level of mobility, far beyond any expectations.

Now she’s on a mission to find and document as many cool, beautiful, and amazing wheelchair accessible places she can find. She has published four articles through Paraplegia News, a magazine by the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

And she now uses her life experiences to encourage and inspire others through her writing and speaking.

Key Things From This Episode

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Cool App Mentioned
5 Minute Journal

Key Quotes:
“Attitude is a choice.”
“Love and forgiveness can go a very long way.”
“You can burden yourself with resentment or you can forgive and move on.”
“Laughter is great for the soul.”
“Keep Moving.”

Lilly’s Advice for Keeping Your Attitude Positive
“Attitude is a choice.” Lilly tells us of the first month of being the hospital, after she was told she was paralyzed from her neck down. Lilly chose to focus on the positive aspects of her life. She focused on all the things she could still do, not those she could no longer do.

Lilly suggests getting a good laugh in a couple times a day.

One Thing You Can Do Today to Have A More Fulfilling and Positive Life
Think of one positive thing in your life and focus on that.

Lilly’s Recommendations
The TV show “Louie”
Lilly talks more about the power of a good laugh.
Learn more about Louie here: http://www.fxnetworks.com/louie

Lilly’s Favorite Wheel Chair Friendly Travel Spots

Lilly’s Dream Destination
Santa Catarina, Brazil

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Connect With Lilly
Twitter: @WheelTraveler

Music in this Episode
Artist: The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show (CSPS)
Song: Dream
Album: Temporary Fix (EP)
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