#017: Stephanie Calahan: The Business Vision Catalyst and Founder of Calahan Solutions

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Stephanie CalahanStephanie Calahan is The Business Vision Catalyst and the founder of Calahan Solutions, Inc.

She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, visionaries, coaches, consultants, health practitioners, authors, speakers and all sorts of remarkable service professionals who are experts in their field, to help them embrace their brilliance, leverage their business and get their message out with power, grace and ease; so that they can make a powerfully positive difference in the world, exponentially grow their income and enjoy a highly-successful and meaningful business… while working less.


Key Takeaways From This Episode

Stephanie’s AWESOME Resources Page

Key Quotes:
“Get very honest about what you want out of your business.”

“Get crystal clear on who your ideal client is.”

Stephanie’s Failure
Stephanie had fallen very ill. She contributes a lot of that to not having a business model that supported her. She was going non-stop. She appeared to be successful but was draining herself to a dangerous level.

This experienced helped Stephanie to now be able to help others recognize and overcome this type of danger. She helps you to find a business model that supports you.

Stephanie’s Successful Moment
Stephanie shares a story of working with a client and helping turn something that was painful for them, into something they love!

What it is Important to Have A Mentor or Coach
Stephanie compares having a mentor or coach to turning to check your blind spot while driving. We all have things in our life and in our business that we can’t see for ourselves. A coach can help you see those things.

Stephanie also provides some awesome advice for choosing the RIGHT COACH for you.

Stephanie’s Advice to New Entrepreneurs
Get really honest about what you want out of your business, before you build your business model. If you want to be able to vacation 2 months every year, then say that. Be very honest.

One Thing You Can Do Today
Get crystal clear on who your ideal client is.

Stephanie’s Book Recommendation
“Influence” by Robert B. Cialdini
Get it Here: http://amzn.to/1pzLN9q 

Join Stephanie’s Expert Panel
Stephanie will occasionally send out questions from clients, friends, or herself. Everyone who is a part of her Expert panel can choose to either ignore the question or contribute to the answer. Stephanie’s team then pulls all that info collectively together into a blog post, ebook, or other form of resource. A very cool way to bring people together and help others.

To sign up, just head over to www.StephanieCalahan.com

Connect With Stephanie
Twitter: @StephCalahan
Facebook: StephCalahan1

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