#015: Maria C Semple – Entrepreneur and Author of “Everyday Stories From Ten Remarkable Women”

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Maria C. SempleMaria Semple is an entrepreneur and author of the book, “Everyday Stories From Ten Remarkable Women”. Maria provides audacious strategies to help you be remarkable.

Maria chats with us about creating realistic time frames, why having a coach is important, and challenges us all to get our business plans out of the draw and put them into action.

Maria also reveals her 7 Steps to Becoming Remarkable and makes not one, but two awesome offers, exclusively for you, the TrepsUnite listener.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to connect.

Key Things From This Episode

Key Quotes:
“There is no failure. There is only feedback.”
“Flexibility is one of the key elements to success”

What Animal Does Maria Identify With?
A lioness. Connect with Maria to find out which you identify with.

The 7 Steps to Becoming Remarkable

1. Step Up – know your yearning be clear but avoid total clarity
This is the awesome start of your journey. You are coming to me because you already have an existing business idea but need tweaking and establish your footprint.

2. Set Values – Your compass in life and business
Now that we have the WHAT! We need the WHY! What does it get you out of bed and excite you every day?

After all, you would not embark in a sailing trip without setting your coordinates. People may not buy your What! But people will certainly tap into your WHY!

3. Stretch Out – Take responsibility, the buck stops with you
Be committed, let’s get the Mind Map. Are there any niggling doubts? Let’s get rid of the Mr and Mrs Gremlins! They have no space in this show.

4. Speak Out – Tell the world about your M&V
Who is your ideal client? Where do they hang out? How are you going to find them? Getting clarity on your WHO and communicating to them is what is all about. You have an amazing experience and IP. Let’s tell the world loud and clear. Present like a pro. Engage, tell your unique story.

5. Socialise – Participate, make a difference
What is Social Media? Do you know that there are 1.73 billion people out there using SM to engage, generate leads and conversions? Let’s make you a global authority! Yes, you heard me. You want to run this show anywhere in the world, so let’s build your on-line authority.

6. Service – Offer solutions, add value
What solutions are you really offering? Let’s package and deliver to others. John Demartini describes selling as a service! There are people around the world that need your expertise. Let’s package and add value to their lives and businesses.

7. Seize – Opportunities, build alliances, build authority
We no longer live in a small village! The world has become a pond full of opportunities and they are in every corner. The behind the counter type of function does not work anymore. Let’s find Joint Ventures. Run Webinars, Grow networks.

You already have been working on your beliefs system and developing new habits but you need focus to obtain the success you deserve, so you have come to me not just for the strategy or advice; you can get free stuff around the place. You come to me because you are a start up and you truly believe in yourself and because you have a unique perspective; you want to project it to the world.

Maria’s Failure
“This is no failure. There is only feedback.”

Maria has recently realized that she needs to create and have realistic time frames. We all want success tomorrow. She has a goal set for number of copies of her book sold by the end of this year. She is not near where she needs to be at this time. Instead of looking at this as a failure, Maria has looked at it as feedback telling her that what she has been doing is not working well enough. So she needs to work hard and smarter to get back on course to hit her goal. She needs to connect more and spread the message of her book.

Maria’s Successful Moment
Maria had created a successful business. Although she has then since left that business, she recalls her journey in creating her unique business and how it felt to create that success. Maria also tells us about her journey in interviewing the amazing women who are featured in her book.

Why Finding A Coach Is Important
You are the expert in your business. You do what you do because you are that expert. Just like a therapist, you cannot be your own therapist. You cannot be your own coach or mentor. Your coach can help guide you and help you use your resources the right way and expand your abilities.

Maria’s Advice to New Entrepreneurs
Start doing what actually makes a difference. Stop doing what doesn’t get you anywhere. And continue doing what has been working for you. Start positioning yourself as an expert and expand yourself to be a global authority.

One Thing You Can Do Today
Have a mind map. Get out your business plan out and put it somewhere you can see it. Create an actionable list of things you need to complete and set deadlines. Then find somebody that can help you.

Maria’s Book Recommendation
“The Values Factor” by Dr. John F. Demartini
Get it Here: http://amzn.to/1t3w1nX 

“Spiral Dynamics” by Don Beck
Get it Here: http://amzn.to/1zIPuyY 

Maria’s Awesome offer
Maria has found that creating content for social media is one of the biggest challenges people face. Maria loves quotes. She has a pool of 10,000 quotes in 9 different niches, including health, property, relationships, self helps, social media, business leadership, etc. Maria paid over $3,000 for this collection and is offering it to you for only $300! GET IT NOW!


Get 6 months worth of picture graphics and quotes for just $300. GET IT NOW!!

Simply email myself or Maria and we’ll get you all set up!


Connect With Maria
Twitter: @MariaCSemple
Facebook: MariaCSemple

Maria’s Awesome Book
“Everyday Stories From Ten Remarkable Women”


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