#014: Danielle Watson – Creator of The Purse Process

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Danielle WatsonDanielle Watson is the creator of The Purse Process.

Danielle is trained as an anthropologist but instead of digging around in the dirt for treasures left behind by lost civilizations, she’s decided to use her powers in an innovative (and far more girly) way. Danielle’s Purse Process will allow you to identify that thing you can’t see but you’ve been doing practically your whole life, that might be getting in the way of whatever you desire.

Danielle reveals her 4 personality archetypes, shares an incredible story of failure and what she learned from it, offers some awesome advice for new and seasoned entrepreneurs, and makes, what I believe may be the coolest book recommendation yet!

Key Things From This Episode

Key Quotes:
“Don’t be afraid to try again.”
“Find other people who will hold that vision for you and with you.”
“Become known for what you’re really good at.”

4 Personality Archetypes
Dumpster Debbie
Vanishing Veronica
Absent Abigail
Perfect Priscilla

Danielle tells us a little more about each and a couple of the key characteristics to look for to find out which you are.

Danielle’s Failure
Danielle recently set a specific earnings goal. She went after it. She called everyone she had a business card for. She reached out to everyone she knows. And she worked as hard as she could, but she did not achieve it. She couldn’t sell a thing.

Danielle had to take a step back and look at who she was trying to be. She realized that she needed to focus more on the giving and not just the getting.

She also forgot to ask those people who already knew, liked, and trusted her to refer people to her. She ended up using that failure to recreate the way she sold her process and more than doubled her goal.


Danielle’s Successful Moment
Appearing on television and not having to knock on doors to get there. She performed her purse process on a morning show host and the shows’ producer, live on the show.

Why it is important to find a mentor/coach
Danielle shares an awesome story about choosing a coach that was not right for her. She chose a coach who was very good and who actually did a very good job at helping Danielle grow her business. However, Danielle was looking for a coach who could help her find something else to help her be happy, not just successful.

Danielle then found herself a coach who simply clicked with her personality. She trusted her gut and has had a great relationship with that coach ever since.

Danielle’s Advice to New Entrepreneurs
The most important thing you can do is get around other people who are doing what you’re doing and understand your special brand of crazy. There are people in your life who live you, but may try to talk you out of being an entrepreneur because they are worried for you. Danielle shares an awesome story explaining a situation just like this.

“Don’t go to the hardware store for milk.” – Cheryl Richardson
Grab one of Cheryl’s amazing books here: http://amzn.to/1qbwJ5h

One Thing You Can Do Today
Danielle goes above and beyond, so she provides us with two:

1. Find the natural alignment between what it is you offer and what people need.
2. Start only offering the things you could do in your sleep. Offer the things that you are so good at, that you can wow people with it. Become known for what you are really good at.

Danielle’s Book Recommendation
Go back to the ‘choose your own adventure’ books we all loved as kids. They will inspire you as an entrepreneur.

You can find a few here: http://amzn.to/1nAQ9xn

Connect With Danielle
Twitter: @PurseProcess
Facebook: PurseProcess
– Enter your email up on the top right corner and get an awesome FREE download from Danielle.

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