#013: Keri Jaehnig – Founder and CMO of Idea Girl Media

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Keri JaehnigKeri Jaehnig is the founder and CMO of Idea Girl Media. Keri is known as “The Idea Girl” and she helps business brands, public figures, and non-profits achieve social media success. What Keri really does is turn on the light bulb and make it shine.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

Key Quotes:
“If you’re not failing, you’re not learning.”
“With every failure, comes success.”

Keri’s Failure
When Keri launched the social media side of her business, she focused on small businesses. This was, at the time, not the market that could actually afford to pay for her services. She found a great mentor who helped her to realize that and to shift her focus to the right market. Keri says you need to fail to learn and you need to learn to perfect your craft.

Keri’s Successful Moment
Being nominated for a 2013 Small Business Influencer Award in the Expert field for social media. Then the State Senate of Ohio recognized her for social media achievement. It’s always great when you’re recognized for what you do.

Why Finding A Mentor is Important
When you’re going to school, you have teachers and advisors who help direct you where to go. When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t always get those outside influences and coaching moments. Having a mentor or coach gives you continued learning, which is key for entrepreneurs. It is an investment in yourself.

Keri’s Advice to New Entrepreneurs
Never stop learning. Always be listening. Keep your ears open at all times. Listen to what people are saying about your niche and your business. Find the pain point for you customers and fulfill it, you’ll be further ahead.

Keri uses Hootsuite. She sets up hashtag streams on her dashboard and uses those to listen to her niche.

One Thing You Can Do Today
Collaborate with others in your niche who are in complimentary positions.

Keri’s Book Recommendation
“Launch” by Michael Stelzner
Get it Here: http://amzn.to/1tkar2C 

Keri’s Awesome offer
Join Keri’s exclusive facebook group. Meet new people, connect with each other, and share ideas.
Visit http://bit.ly/ENILikeable or write on Keri’s facebook page and ask to be invited.

Connect With Keri
Twitter: @KeriJaehnig or @IdeaGirlMedia
Instagram: IdeaGirlMedia
Linkedin: KeriJaehnig
Facebook: IdeaGirlMedia


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