#011: Adam Smith: Author and Life Coach

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Adam SmithAdam Smith is an author and a life coach that works with you to achieve a better life for you and for your family. Adam is also the founder of AsmithBlog.com and the host of the Live Life With Purpose Podcast.

Key Things From This Episode

Key Quotes:
“Everything in life is a journey.”
“All of us fear along the way, but not all of us move through fear.”
“Where ever you’re at today, keep going.”
“Encouragement goes a long way.”
“It begins with you.”
“The journey is worth it.”

Adam’s Failure
Early in his writing career, Adam was turned down constantly when trying to get his work published on sites or in publications. He has learned that perseverance and hard work always pay off. If you’re not willing to put in the work and the time, goals will not come to you. Figure out how much time you have and make sure to allocate it to the right activities.

Successful Moment
More than any business venture or publishing of his writings, Adam remembers his English professor telling him he was a great writer. This was the moment Adam started to build his confidence and started to really think about building his dreams. This taught Adam the power of encouragement. Encouragement may be the one thing you can place in someone’s life to help them go further.

Adam’s Advice to New Entrepreneurs
Take a moment and celebrate your wins today. Adam had to teach himself to slow down and enjoy today. As entrepreneurs we often reach something and immediately start looking at the next goal. Adam says to realize that your dreams are not just about you; they are about your family and the people around you. Take the time to enjoy what you’re doing with your family.

One Thing You Can Do Today
Exceed expectations. Impact people. Wow people. To stand out from everybody else, you have to be better.

Adam’s Book Recommendation
“Start” by John A Cuff. Get it here!
“The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. Get it here!

Adam’s Podcast Recommendation
The Tim Ferris Show – Timothy Ferris

This Is Your Life – Michael Hyatt


Connect With Adam
Twitter: @asmithblog
Facebook: asmithblog

Live Life With Purpose Podcast

Music in this Episode
Artist: The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show (CSPS)
Song: Dream
Album: Temporary Fix (EP)
Twitter: @CSPSband
“Dream” and “Temporary Fix” available on iTunes

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