#010: Michael McFarland: Touring musician and founder of Design Monkey

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Michael McFarlandMichael McFarland is a touring musician and founder of Design Monkey, a design and branding consultation firm.

Mike chats about knowing your strengths, understanding what your goals are and not putting all your eggs in one basket. Mike also talks about running a business while couch surfing around the country on tour and shares an amazing story about a life changing lesson he learned while staying with strangers who had a unique plan for their lives

So sit back, relax, and get ready to connect. This is the TrepsUnite Podcast Episode 10 with Michael McFarland.

Key Things From This Episode

Key Quotes:
“Be excited about what you’re doing.”
“Energy is contagious.”

Michael’s Failure
Early in his design career, Michael landed a ”golden goose” client who was consistently sending him more business than he ever expected to have. The mistake Michael made was putting all of his time and energy (eggs) into that one client (basket).

Successful Moment
When he moved to North Carolina and his business did not lose any clients, and actually continued to grow. Michael had built a lot of clientele working locally, so he had expected to lose a few clients.

Michael’s Advice to New Entrepreneurs
Know what you’re aiming for. Figure out what your actual goals are. At several points in his career, Michael made a clear decision to not grow Design Monkey too large, so that he could continue his music. Take time and figure out exactly what you want to achieve.

One Thing You Can Do Today
Be excited about what you’re doing. Surround yourself with other people who are as excited as you are about what they do. That kind of passion for what you’re doing is the best promotional tool you can have.

Michael’s Book Recommendation
A series of novels by RL Shaffer
Get it Here: http://amzn.to/1iuXoGU

Special Offer
Go to Michael’s online store and purchase anything that is not music (shirt, sticker, button, etc) and get  FREE DOWNLOAD of an unreleased track. This will be a song that has never been released in any form.  I recommend getting the Beer Kilt Koozy!

Connect With Michael
Twitter: @MichaelMcFmusic
Facebook: MichaelMcFmusic

Music in this Episode
Artist: Michael McFarland
Song: I Spy
Album: A Sarcastic Tango
“I Spy” and “A Sarcastic Tango” available on iTunes

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