#007: Megan Dixon of Rescue Me Assistance

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Megan DixonFirst off, listen in for some shout outs to you awesome folks who have left some awesome reviews on iTunes! I truly appreciate all the rates, reviews, emails, tweets, and awesome feedback. Keep it coming!!

On to the episode!!

My guest today is Megan Dixon, founder of Rescue Me Assistance.

Rescue Me Assistance provides online business services, consulting, and assistance to entrepreneurs and small and medium sized businesses. They bring 15 years combined experience in business, marketing, social media, market research, bookkeeping, event planning, and various other areas. Rescue Me customizes their services to each client individually.

Megan is going to share with us how hiring a Virtual Assistant can help you free up time and focus on your areas of expertise. She explains some of the many cost benefits working with a VA provides, why she feels VA’s have become so popular recently, and a few tips and tricks for better time management.

I will also share two awesome (and exclusive) deals Megan wanted me to hook you up with!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to connect. This is the TrepsUnite Podcast Episode 7 with Megan Dixon of Rescue Me Assistance


Key Things From This Episode

1. Use a Journal
Megan suggests keeping a journal to track where you are spending your time. This will allow you to see where you may be wasting time that could be used in areas you specialize in. A Virtual Assistant can help take these tasks off your plate and free you up to focus on your strongest areas.

2. Rescue Me Virtual Assistance Provides Specialized, Customized Services
Rescue Me works with their clients to find out exactly where they need assistance. They then create a customized plan to assist.

3. Why Virtual Assistants Have Become Popular Recently
The economy. The way businesses run – much more cloud work. For a small business, a VA can be a great resource. A lot of flexibility. Extensive backgrounds. No need for overhead like an office, office, supplies, etc. Only paying for work being done. Remote workers, due to their flexible schedules, tend to be happier and more positive.

4. Megan’s Failure
When Megan started, she was so eager to grow she took on a client who was not really in line with her business model. In order to get this client, she strayed from her business plan and from her pricing plan. This lead to frustration and her having too much time and effort tied to just one client. This held her back from what she was trying to build. The lesson she learned is to stay true to yourself, your business, your worth, and your value.

Key Quote: “You have to fail in order to improve”

5. Megan’s Advice to New Entrepreneurs
Find a mentor. Find someone who is successful at doing what you’ve set out to do.

6. One Thing You Can Do Today
Take a look at your calendar each day. Schedule out blocks of time for each task you need to do for each day. Perfect your time management. Megan uses all of Google’s tools to keep herself and her time organized and efficient.

Learn more about Google Apps here.

7. Megan’s Book Recommendation
“The Four Hour Work Week” – Timothy Ferris


Things Mentioned in this Episode

“The Four Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris
Get it here: http://amzn.to/TwLr8m


For TrespUnite listeners ONLY!!

1. A free eBook “How To Instantly Save Money With A VA”.
Simply email Megan at support@rescuemeassistance.com with the subject line “Podcast – Free eBook”.

2. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT POWER PACKAGE. $1000 PER MONTH (normally priced at $1260).
Here are the details of what is involved in that. The Social Media Engagement Power Package provides the most amazing jump start or ongoing social media marketing support that you will find out there on the Web.

We strongly believe people in People to People Marketing, and because of this your accounts will be managed by “Native English” speaking individuals on a daily basis. This service involves Rescue Me researching, sourcing, engaging and directing your audience through a very powerful offering that has worked for our clients over and over again to improve their reputation, credibility, inquiry rate, sales, traffic and more.

As Rescue Me keeps up with the trends online, and tries new things, this service is tweaked and adjusted to fit with the most cutting-edge knowledge and resources in the domain of social media marketing for small to medium business.

We ensure your Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn accounts have an up-to-date, professionally branded and seamless presence. We then work on building a solid fan and follower base on each account and engage on a daily basis with your own in-house content, updates from credible sources in your industry and trending topics from your community and industry, by sharing from your follower base and providing friendly, human responses to anyone who approaches you.

In addition to this, we’ll schedule tweets for any ongoing promotions you’d like to add. Further, Rescue Me notifies you immediately through your online office of any inquiries or messages that require attention.

Last, this package includes a tailored strategy to encourage subscribers to sign up for your newsletter, and begin steadily building a subscriber list for your company. This process is automated and can be used to then send emails or newsletters. In addition, subscribers are integrated into a CRM (customer relationships management system) so we can track their activity on your Social Hub.

Simply email Megan at support@rescuemeassistance.com or visit Rescueme.Setster.com and set up your free consultation with Megan


Connect With Megan
Twitter: @RescueMe13
Facebook: RescueMeAssistance
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/meganrescueme 

Music in this Episode
Artist: The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show (CSPS)
Song: Nobody Remembers Fame
Album: Temporary Fix (EP)
Official Site: www.CSPSband.com
Facebook: CSPSband
Twitter: @CSPSband
“Nobody Remembers Fame” and “Temporary Fix” available on iTunes

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