#002: Jason Bacher of Good F*cking Design Advice

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I am sooo stoked for this episodes guest, Jason Bacher. Jason is one of the founders of Good Fucking Design Advice.com.

The site was original built to provide advice and inspiration to designers. After getting more than 3 million visits in its first month, the site grew to be so much more.

I’m so excited for you to hear what Jason has to say and I encourage you to connect with him and allow him to inspire you like the thousands of entrepreneurs he inspires everyday.

Some things for you to take away from this episode:

1. If something doesn’t scare you or make you feel vulnerable, its not worth it. Jump on your opportunities.

2. The Commodity of Inspiration
GFDA tries to lead by example and takes every opportunity to feel uncomfortable and grow. They try to share opportunities to others. Their biggest export is advice and it is always free. Their primary goal is giving things away. If you focus on helping others succeed, you’ll turn around one day and find a pile of cash there.

3. The Message of GFDA
“You need to start”. If there’s something you’re passionate about, you’re probably already thinking too much. We’re our biggest barriers and we talk ourselves out of too many opportunities. You are just a few steps away from having the career that they want, but they aren’t willing to take those steps.

4. Intelligent, Highly Functional Design
Jason says that if design is done correctly, it is almost invisible. The same goes for selling your products. If you build the right kind of connection with your audience, you can sell them anything without them ever feeling like they’ve been sold.

5. Biggest Mistake Brands Make With Design
Not willing to let designers in. We need to change the way we see designers. Designers are creative minds that have adopted the skills of the information economy and can provide so much more for your brand. Get a designer in early on and let that person help build your brand from day 1.

6.  Where Brands Fail With Social Media
Too many companies fail to understand the power of each platform and how to use them. Jason also mentions that companies fail to understand that the do not need to be on every social media site. GFDA has adopted just 3: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The key is to stay consistent.

7. What to Expect at A GFDA Talk
A “non-academic” time. How they have overcome obstacles and failures. Their talks reach so much more than just the design community. Jason says that “good advice is universal” and what they look to provide is just that, good advice.

8. Their Biggest Struggle
Going from a web site to a online retailer. They needed to learn when and how to hire employees, how to ship products, how to handle accounting, and all the other un-glorified parts of business.

9. Jason’s #1 Piece of Advice
Just start. You’ll never know if your idea could be successful unless you try. Be consistent. Hang in there. Follow through. Be willing to something that most people may think is crazy.

“You’re probably not crazy. You’re just part of a very small percentage of people who get shit done.”

10. Find like-minded people and connect with them. Find that support system of people who “get it”.


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Items discussed in this episode:

Prior to our interview Jason brought a GREAT BOOK to my attention. The book is titled, “The Power of Starting Something Stupid” by Richie Norton. We didn’t get to it in the interview, but Jason highly recommends the book.

So I’ve included a link here where you can get it!
The Power of Starting Something Stupid

Connect with Jason and GFDA online:
Official Site: www.GFDA.co
Online Store: Store.GFDA.co
Tweet @GoodDsgnAdvice
www.instagram.com/GoodDsgnAdvice (Jason’s favorite!)

Song: “Nobody Remembers Fame”
Artist: The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show
From their EP “Temporary Fix”
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