#001: Maurice of Winslow and NEO Soul Entertainment

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Maurice of Winslow and NEO Soul Entertainment

Maurice of Winslow and NEO Soul Entertainment

This is the TrepsUnite Podcast, where we are all about connecting entrepreneurs and helping YOU grow YOUR BUSINESS.

I’ll be talking with entrepreneurs of all different shapes and sizes and from a wide variety of industries and having them share their stories, their experiences, and their inspiration.

If you’re listening, chances are you’re an entrepreneur. Maybe you’re a small business owner, or maybe you’re looking to start your first business or launch a new business. My goal is to bring you something new every week that you can implement into your business. Whether that’s a new product, tool, or system to help run your business. Or maybe it’s just a little inspiration or change in mindset to get you back on track. This is all about bringing entrepreneurs together and creating that support system for growth. If you like what I’m doing here, please hit that subscribe button. And if you really want to make my day, click the “Ratings and Reviews” button and Click to Rate and/or Write a Review. Your being here and listening means so much to me, so I want to thank you for that!

So on to the good stuff…

This is the first episode EVER of the TrepsUnite Podcast!!

I could not think of a better person to have as my first guest than Maurice of the band Winslow. He is also the band’s manager and the founder of NEO Soul Entertainment.

If you don’t know Maurice:
This guy has toured the country and played more than 100 shows every year for the past 6 years. He has written, produced, and released 2 albums. The most recent is Winslow’s “Right of the Left Direction” which can be heard on more than 50 stations across the nation and was listed on countless ‘Best of 2013’ lists. The band recently cleaned house at the Ohio Local Music Awards, bringing home several awards including “Best Headlining Band”. Maurice himself has been featured in numerous magazines and online platforms for his writing, producing, and singing skills.

I’m so stoked to have Maurice on today. Not only is he a long time and good friend of mine, but he’s also just a flat out rock star. When you meet Maurice, you know right away that this dude is a stud. He’s always professional. He’s always dressed to impress. And he is one of the hardest working guys you will ever meet. I learn something new every time I talk with Maurice and I’m so glad I got to bring him on to be my first interview. Maurice and I discussed a bunch of different things during our talk and I know you’re going to get so much out of this. So lets get to the interview.

During our talk, Maurice and I discuss a few key things that I want you to take away.

1. The necessity of running your business.
Maurice talks about why he took over managing his band. He says it came from necessity. Winslow’s music is their product and/or service. Your business has a product or service and you need to take it seriously and run your business.

2. Why he started his own business.
He was good at it. He realized he could monetize his skills and experiences, while helping others chase their dreams. He mentions “the mind of an entrepreneur; how can I make money doing what I love.” Chances are, you have this same mindset. So how can you do this? Find something you love and get real good at it. Then figure out how you can help others do it.

3. Overcoming challenges.
I love what Maurice says here. He says you need to be ADAPTIVE. You need to know that you are going to fail sometimes. Everyone does it. The best thing to do is to learn from these failures and move forward.

4. Use your resources and re-evaluate your situation.
Maurice goes to his friends and mentors every 6 months and asks two questions:
a.) Where are we today?
b.) Where should we be in 6 months?

He then re-evaluates again in 6 months with 3 questions:
a.) Did we get there?
b.) What went well?
c.) What needs to get fixed?

5. Planning for releases or marketing campaigns.
Maurice nails it when he says, “you’ve got to pay attention to your competition.” He looks around to see what those in his industry are doing well and where others are failing. Look around yourself and learn as much as possible.

6. The biggest mistake most bands (and businesses) make.
Thinking of yourself as a ‘local band’ (or ‘small business’). Maurice mentions a great shift in mindset that needs to happen. He calls it a “national approach”. Take a look at those you admire and take elements from what they’ve done and make it your own.

7. Tools vs Habits.
I LOVE this. Maurice mentions a professor of his that once told him that you have to figure out if you have tools or habits.

A HABIT is something you do just because.
A TOOL is something you’ve learned and at the right time, you use it.

8. Don’t settle for just doing one thing well.
Learn as much as you can from those who do them well and then get better and better… and better.

9. Vision
You have to have vision. You need to know where you want to be and plan backwards. Look 5 or 10 years out. Figure out what you need to do it 3 years to be on track. Then figure out what you need to do in the next year, the next 6 months, and the next month. Once you plan backward and break it down, you will know exactly what you need to be focused on right now.

10. Biggest mistake on social media.
Companies talk too much about their company. Social media is a way for a fan or customer to get a glimpse into your world. Market who you are as a person and who your company is, not just what you offer. If you can let people into your world, they will become connected on a personal level. Then, when you do post information about a product, service, or sale, people won’t feel like their being sold.

11. Learning from other industries.
The last thing Maurice mentions is how you can learn so much from people who are in completely different worlds than you. Reach out to people who are in different industries. Build those connections and utilize those resources.


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Thanks for listening!
Connect with Maurice and Winslow online:
Official Site: www.winslowsoul.com
Facebook: winslowsoul
Tweet @winslowsoul
Instagram: winslowsoul (Maurice’s favorite social tool)


Music in this Episode:
Song: “Stand Up
Artist: Winslow
Album: “Left of the Right Direction

You can find Winslow and “Stand Up” on iTunes.

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